Ornaments Vertical Flag - OVERSTOCK

Item SKU: DVFL376
As Low As $49.00 each
As low as $49.00 each

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One of our competitors had way too much inventory on this Vertical Flag. We bought their overstock, and now you can get the EXACT same Vertical Flag they sell for $85 each for $49!

You've learned that bright colors and lots of movement attract the attention of passing drivers, but let's face it: you don't have the budget this year to hire a college kid to put on a peacock costume and dance on the sidewalk while twirling a "Now Leasing" sign. (Besides, all those fender-benders weren't good for business.)  There's got to be an easier way . . .

Enter the bright, durable, endlessly re-usable nylon Apartment Flag! This flag catches the eye, dresses up the property and doesn't violate any neighborhood deed restrictions about advertising. It flies 24 hours a day (unlike that peacock kid, who tended to wear out around lunchtime and start fanning himself with the sign), sets up instantly and is easy to store. Select a color palette that compliments your building's décor, or fly a rainbow of bright hues!


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Product Details

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