Floral Burst Coco Door Mat - OVERSTOCK

Enhance the look of your Property with high-quality Welcome Mats!
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Only $7.99 each
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  • Keep floors clean while also dressing up your Property!
  • Thick, abrasive Coco fibers are perfect for catching dirt.
Only $7.99 each

One of our competitors had way too much inventory on this Welcome Mat. We bought their overstock, and now you can get the EXACT same Welcome Mat they sell for $14.29 each for $7.99 each!

Welcome residents with durable, elegant door mats that add instant appeal to your property walkways. These thick and sturdy Coco Mats are made from the husks of coconut, a natural abrasive, creating a great shoe-scraping surface that will protect your interior floors. The weight of the material helps keep the mat in place to prevent slipping.

  • 30" w x 18" h
  • Coconut Fiber and Molded Rubber
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