Rent Payment Envelope

Make it Easier for Residents to Pay Their Rent!
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Well, truth is stranger than fiction. You wouldn't think that just giving someone a payment envelope would make them more likely to put their rent in it, but studies show that this is the case! (Hmm . . . wonder if it works for everything? If you hand someone a skillet, will they please, please, please cook your dinner?)

There's no doubt about it -- providing a Rent Payment Envelope is a great way to keep payments arriving sooner and in full.

Communication is improved with Rent Payment Envelopes, too. Residents actually seem to like filling out the front with their name, apartment number and month. And many even use the optional comment space on the flap to alert you to a problem or even -- gasp! -- toss you a compliment. No, we're not even kidding. It's nothing short of magic!


  • 4 1/8 " x 9 ½ " (standard size #10 envelope)
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