Leaves Windless 3D Flag Kit - OVERSTOCK

Flagpole keeps flags open, even without wind
Only $119.99 each
Availability: In stock
  • Special flagpole with top arm ensures your flag stays open
  • Easy installation
Only $119.99 each

One of our competitors had way too much inventory on this Flag Kit. We bought their overstock, and now you can get the same kit they sell for $149 each for only $119.99!

Save money by buying the flag and pole together in a kit. 3D vertical flags are paired with an easy-to-install 13-foot tall flagpole

'Windless' pole comes with a special top attachment that inserts into the sleeve found at the top of the flag, ensuring your flag stays open and visible 24/7 - even when there isn't wind!

Each kit comes with one flag (select message above) and one windless pole.

  • 13' h
  • Silver Aluminum
  • 2.7' w x 8' h
  • Polyester
  • (1) 3D Vertical Flag + (1) Flagpole
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