Rent Receipt Book The Buck Stops Here with 3-part Rent Receipts!
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  • Rent Receipt Book

    Rent Receipt Book

    The Buck Stops Here with 3-part Rent Receipts!
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      Product Description

      Keeping up with who has paid what on the rent can become a full-time job all by itself, especially if you have high-occupancy units with students or roommates. Ask Brittany if she has the rent check, and she'll tell you Lindsay's taking care of it this month. Follow up in 3 days, and Lindsay is sure that Rachel gave it to you over the weekend . . . At some point, you're going to lose a payment (not to mention your mind).

      Restore order with this super-efficient Rent Receipt Book. It's spiral-bound, with 4 easy-tear receipts on each page. And each receipt has not one, not two, but three copies! That's one for the resident, one for you, and one for the owner or tax accountant. A single Rent Receipt Book has 200 receipts -- that's 25% more than others!

      And these receipts have logical details that simpler forms omit, such as the unit number and the exact dates covered by the rent. They also give you the option of writing the total amount out both in words and numbers, so you're less likely to make a silly accounting error that snarls up end-of-year taxes! Very handy, easy to use and impossible to misplace. Stock up today!


      Product Details

      • 7 3/4" by 11" spiral-bound notebook
      • 50 Per Book
      • 4
      • 200 3-part receipts

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