Red Parking Violation Sticker

Say "Not in My Lot!" with Fluorescent Parking Violations!
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Do the locals treat your private parking lot like their personal tailgating spot? Do your residents wind up having to park their cars way up the street because there's never an empty space in the lot they pay for? And have they just possibly mentioned to you once or twice that this annoys them?

Clear the parking lot of unauthorized vehicles forever with these delightfully obnoxious Fluorescent Warning Parking Violation Stickers! The powerful adhesive backing ensures that these big ol' stickers cling like dog hair to a sweater. Slap them onto the side window or rear windshield of the offending car (avoid the front windshield or the paint, please!), and you've given the driver a brand-new hobby: trying to pry sticker shreds and glue residue off his car with an ice scraper and two gallons of Windex! Next time he'll think twice about gliding into that spot reserved for your 75-year-old resident with the arthritic knees.


  • 8" x 5"
  • 50 Per Pack
  • Fluorescent Red
  • Difficult to Remove
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