Guest Parking Permit

Keep Track of Guests with Temporary Hang Tags!
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It never fails: just when you're congratulating yourself on ridding the parking lot of vehicles that don't belong, you get a call from a resident reporting that her elderly mother's car has just been towed. Sometimes it seems as though the only thing that makes residents angrier than unathorized cars in the lot is not being able to get their guests' (unauthorized) car into the lot!

Temporary hang tags solve that problem simply and quickly.  These tear-off tags enable you (or your security office) to keep a record of visiting vehicles, while the top portion, displayed on the rearview mirror, lets you know at a glance that the vehicle belongs to a registered guest. So no matter how many new babysitters that resident with the triplets goes through in a month, everyone has space to park and is accounted for! Ahh--why can't all our problems be solved by a simple piece of paper and pen?

  • 3 1/2" x 7"
  • 100 Per Pack
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