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One of our competitors had way too much inventory on this Maintenance Door Hanger. We bought their overstock, and now you can get the EXACT same Maintenance Door Hanger they sell for $0.50 each for $0.28 each or LESS!

It's everyone's favorite game of Telephone: Betty the resident swears she's reported her clogged sink "50 million times" in the past week. Mac the Maintenance Guy has logged exactly 2 calls from her - today - and they were only an hour apart! Anita the Property Manager never heard a thing about it until Betty refused to pay her rent because the problem hadn't been resolved.
Eliminate the rumors, exaggerations and accusations with these handy three part Maintenance Work Order Forms. The Work Order Form contains a place to log information about the problem, as well as space to record costs as the job progresses.
Not as fun as comparing all those different stories, of course, but in the long run, much more effective for everyone! Stock up today -- you won't believe the difference they'll make.

  • 7 3/4" x 3 2/3"
  • 100 per pack
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