Assorted Balloons 17" - Pack of 50 - OVERSTOCK

The All-purpose "Notice Me" Decoration that Never Fails!
Only $29.00 each
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Only $29.00 each

One of our competitors had way too much inventory. We bought their overstock, and now you can get the EXACT same balloons they sell for $61 each for $29!

These 17-inch latex balloons are a far cry from those one-note wonders of yesteryear. Designed for outdoor use in the elements, they last longer, thanks to thicker walls. People see them and smile. And then sometimes they stop...and lease!

Use balloons anytime you need quick decoration or celebration. They are inexpensive but always seem special, whether they're tied in a big bouquet around a birthday resident's doorknob, strung in a long line high above the building to signal drivers, or simply arranged around your building sign to draw attention to an open house or special event. And with a range of bright colors, every display can look different.

  • 17"
  • Latex
  • 50 per bag
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