Basic Pet Waste Eliminator Station

Is Crossing Your Grounds Like Walking Through a Minefield?
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Pet waste gives the term "landmarks" a new and hideous meaning, and you know it's out of control when you can identify each dog in the complex by the unique creation they leave behind. "Oh, I see Maggie from 4B has gone for her morning walk...", " Looks like the grandkids have been overfeeding old Mrs. Schuyler's pug again..."

When it's time to get serious about pet waste elimination, this durable and low-priced station is the answer. Forget nickel-and-diming it with flimsy bags and paper signs: your residents' pets are here to stay, so treat their owners (and your own staff, visitors, and prospective residents) to an attractive, long-lasting, reliable station from Pet Waste Eliminator, the best name on the market for value and quality.

The Basic Pet Waste Eliminator Station includes a steel sign reminding pet owners of the laws of the land. The steel dispenser box holds up to 560 bags (80 are included to get you started), so you won't be out there all the time refilling it. The post will last forever. And the whole thing comes with 2 hardware kits for installation--all you do is hand it to the maintenance crew with a heartfelt word of thanks. (Don't worry; they'll be as glad to see this station installed as you will!)

By the way, if this is your first encounter with pet waste disposal systems, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Once they've got the equipment to get the job done, pet owners are remarkable faithful about cleaning up after their animals. Guess you weren't the only one getting guff every day about those "landmarks"!

Available in green and black.

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Product Details

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