Superior Pet Waste Eliminator Station

Everything You Need to Make Pet Waste a Thing of the Past!
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As low as $169.00 each

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It started when you tied a couple of bags to the fence with a handwritten sign: "For Pet Waste." Residents loved it--until they complained that they had no place to toss the used bags. So you went out and got a plastic trashcan...which blew over in every high wind. Meanwhile, residents on the other side of the building wanted bags and a trashcan of their own, so you repeated the process there.

One day, up to your ankles in loose bags blowing through the grounds, illegible signs, knocked-over trash cans, and --of course!-- random piles of poop, you decided, "I AM DONE WITH THIS. THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY."

And here you are, gazing at the attractively priced, comprehensive one-stop pet waste station with all the bells and whistles, manufactured by Pet Waste Eliminator, the finest name in the business. Enjoy. You have earned it!

Available in green or black.

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Product Details

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