10 Gallon Steel Trash Receptacle No More "Wandering" Trash Cans!
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10 Gallon Steel Trash Receptacle

No More "Wandering" Trash Cans!
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    Product Description

    What is it about trash cans that makes them unable to stay put? if your Monday morning begins with a round-up of all the overturned, crumpled and rolled-away trash cans on your grounds, it's definitely time to invest in this sturdy 10-gallon steel model that attaches to any pole!

    Designed for pet waste but useful in any area where trash accumulates, our heavy duty steel can and and lid mounts easily and securely onto a pole, rendering it absolutely immobile. Pop a liner into it (sold separately) and your job is done--trash stays put, the can stays right-side-up and undamaged, and residents always know where to find it. You'll always need trash cans, so investing in a secure, attractive, super-strong model just makes sense. And now you just might have enough time on Monday morning to brew a pot of coffee and check your email!

    Product Details

    • 12" d x 24" h
    • 10 Gallons
    • Heavy duty, vandal resistant, fire safe Steel

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